Why hire Tip Top Tidy?

We all know how motivating it can be to have a physical trainer in the gym.  It is just as great to have a tidying consultant help you stay accountable and to support decisions you make in your home. The primary goal of Tip Top Tidy is to teach you how to make your home the best it can be for YOU! It is important to feel a sense of joy and pride in your home. Tip Top Tidy will show you how to achieve just that, and how easy it is to keep it that way!


What is The KonMari Method?

It is the Japanese Art of completely and permanently decluttering a home. The method is linear, moving through categories in a specific order, so that you are making the easiest decisions first and have had plenty of practice when it comes time to make tough decisions.  In a twist on traditional purging, The KonMari Method shifts the focus onto which items should be kept. The theme to hold in mind when selecting the items to keep is “Does this item spark joy?” This method can help you discover your true self, and clarify what is most important to you in life. It i s truly life-changing!


Do I have to follow specific KonMari category order?

The order set forth by KonMari Method is done so with careful consideration. It is designed in such a way as to change your mindset regarding your possessions. Tip Top Tidy wants to set you up for future success in keeping your home tidy, permanently!


Do I have to read the books before I hire Tip Top Tidy?

NO! I am prepared to teach the method to those who are unfamiliar with it, and I am happy to provide guidance, support, and clarification for those who have already read the books. (find your copies of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy, and The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up, here!)


Is this minimalism?

NO! The KonMari Method never mentions a specific amount of items a person should keep or discard. It is instead focused on whether items in your home “spark joy.”   Applying this mindset and being truly honest with yourself as you move through your items, you will come to the amount that is just right for you!


What happens to my purged items?

The customer maintains custody of all items. It is their decision and responsibility to discard or donate those items.


Why is each session 5 hours?

Tidying up your home is time consuming!   There are many decisions to make as you consciously choose which items to keep in your life.   Less than 5 hours is not enough time to discuss tidying concepts and make reasonable progress in a category.   This window is that “sweet spot” for maintaining motivation and energy during a session. You deserve success and you will be proud of your hard work.  This block of time will facilitate that.