“My home reflected my daily mindset.   When I met with Sara I was unsure if I could complete this large task.  Sara encouraged me and provided wonderful guidance and insight to complete the goals presented.   This experience was a reset in my life and decreased the time spent completing daily chores.  Sara, thank you for your guidance and expertise!”


SG (Eagle, CO)



“My experience with Sara Emerson during the KonMari process was outstanding.  She systematically helped me organize my home in a way that makes sense to my family and myself.   Sara continually encouraged me to stick with the task and keep up with each new step.  She offered creative ways to store and package items.   The end result was a more organized, energetic me with more time to focus on what is meaningful and enjoyable.  I didn’t know all the fantastic things I had in store when I embarked on this journey with Sara but I would recommend that anyone try it and watch your home and life become more organized, comfortable and prioritized.”


Carly (Eagle, CO)